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Medicinal Herbs:
Poppy seeds- used to numb pain and make a cat very sleepy.
Poppy seeds
Cobwebs - used to stop bleeding.
Feverfew - used to cool feverish cats and treat head pain.
Borage leaves - used to treat fevers and helps nursing mothers with their milk supply.
Borage Leaves
Marigold - used to treat infection and heal wounds and sores.
Horsetail - used to treat infected wounds.
Burdock root - used to treat infections, especially rat bites.
Burdock root
Chervil (root) - used to treat infections.
Chervil root
Wild garlic - rolling in this can help to keep out infection.
Wild Garlic
Coltsfoot - used to treat kittencough.
Catnip - used to treat greencough.
Chickweed - used to help treat greencough.
Tansy - used to treat coughs.
Thyme - used to calm a cat.
Chamomile - used to calm a cat.
Dandelion Leaves - used to calm a cat.
Dandelion Leaves
Juniper Berries - used to treat bellyache and make a cat stronger.
Juniper Berrries
Chervil - used to treat bellyache.
Watermint - used to treat bellyache.
Daisy Leaves - used to treat aching joints.
Daisy Leaves
Goldenrod - used in a poultice to treat aching joints and stiffness; can also be used for severe injuries.
Ragwort leaves - used alongside juniper berries in a poultice to treat aching joints.
Ragwort leaves
Comfrey - used to treat broken bones.
Nettle Leaves - used to treat swelling.
Nettle leaves
Celandine - used to treat ailments of the eyes.
Snakeroot - used to counter poison.
Nettle Seeds - used to counter poison.
Nettle seeds
Honey - used to treat sore throats.

Mouse bile - used to remove ticks from a cat's coat. Do NOT lick your paws clean after touching this stuff. Wash it at a stream.
Mouse bile

Yarrow - used to make a cat vomit and expel poisons from the body.

Dock Leaves - used to heal scratches(usually on a cat's pads) and make a cat's coat slippery.
Dock leaves

Lavender - used to cure fever.
Medicine Cats - Warrior Cats

Mallow - used to help belly ache
Medicine Cats - Warrior Cats
Death Berries - of no medicinal value; bright scarlet berries that can kill a cat if they are not expelled quickly enough.kits watch out.
Death berries
Nightshade - of no medical value; Is EXTREMELY poisonous. Easily noticeable because of its bright purple flowers.
Holly Berries - of no medical value; Is VERY dangerous. Kits beware. Looks tasty but is EXTREMELY poisonous. It has blood-red berries and has funny shaped leaves.

Holly Berries

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